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Demand for Green Solutions Drive Rapid Growth

As automotive customers in the Asia Pacific and Africa markets demand even more environmentally sustainable technologies, Ford is seeing record region-wide sales for its EcoBoost engine, and South Africa is no exception.

Ford’s overall sales in the region rose by an impressive 28 percent to 599,390 wholesale units in the first half of the year, and consumer demand for EcoBoost-equipped vehicles has grown even more quickly as Ford has introduced more vehicles available with the engines. Regionwide, sales of EcoBoost-equipped vehicles rose 260 percent in June to 15,921 units, wrapping up a first half in which sales jumped 195 percent to 66,217 units.

In South Africa,the EcoBoost engine is available in the Fiesta, Focus ST, Fiesta ST, Kuga and the EcoSport, which is being launched later this month. As of June this year, over 50 percent of customers who buy these vehicles choose derivates with an EcoBoost engine.

“At Ford, we believe we best serve our customers by offering them the power of choice in vehicles and powertrains,” said Dave Schoch, president, Ford Asia Pacific. “The phenomenal growth of EcoBoost-equipped cars shows how we’re going further to make greener vehicles that meet the needs of our diverse customers in this region.”

Using turbocharging and advanced direct injection technologies together with reduced engine displacement, Ford’s EcoBoost engines offer up to 20 percent gain in fuel efficiency and a 15 percent reduction in CO2 emissions compared with the larger-displacement engines they replace, without sacrificing vehicle performance. Moreover, these efficiency gains are achieved at better value than many other advanced fuel-efficiency technologies.

“In a region like Asia Pacific and Africa, where different countries have very different market conditions, our EcoBoost engines allow us to offer more customers real improvements, more quickly and with greater flexibility,” added Schoch. “It’s a proven technology offering real environmental advantages that over time will also save our customers money.”


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